Linking Learning Program

Linking Learning is a Victorian Government program which aims to improve children’s learning. The program hopes to improve:

– children’s language and literacy

– how services work together to support children; and

– how services work with families

Linking Learning aims to improve learning outcomes for Victorian children from birth to age 12, by focusing on enabling parents, educators and other practitioners and professionals to work effectively together in an integrated manner to support children’s learning and assist in smooth transition processes. The program consists of eight separate projects delivered by lead locations throughout Victoria.

To help the program to reach its goals, the Linking Learning team is surveying parents and caregivers’ about their attitudes and experiences. The survey is being administered by Linking Learning Partners in the community, with the support of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

 Parents of children in the Shire of Cardinia can access the survey here.

The Linking Learning Birth to 12 Years Project aims to improve learning outcomes for Victorian children from birth to 12 years, by supporting parents, educators, practitioners and professionals across early childhood and primary school settings to develop a comprehensive, cohesive and seamless approach to children’s learning.

A major component of the project is the establishment of Linking Learning Birth to 12 Years Lead Demonstration and Action Learning Locations (Lead Demonstration Locations).  There will be eight across the state and Pakenham Springs is one of them. Each will involve a partnership between early childhood service(s), primary school(s) and local council working together in innovative ways to improve children’s learning.

This project is also identifying and addressing (as appropriate) systemic barriers to seamless integrated learning.