At Pakenham Springs we are very excited to be launching our new Writing program in Term Two, that we have been busy creating in conjunction with Courtney Gardens Primary School. A major component of the writing program involves students having their own Writers Ideas Book. The purpose of this book is for students to collect artifacts and interesting ideas that they may like to write about at a later date. This is a book that they will take will them to their new class at the end of  the year.

Over the coming holiday period, we are giving all students a fun task to help them get their Writers Idea Books started next term. All students have been provided with a brown paper bag to collect interesting items from their holiday break. These may include tickets from a movie, theme park or sporting event. It may include photographs, brochures or receipts from outings that they have had. Anything that can be glued into a book and could provide a writing stimulus is fine.

Can students please bring these bags back to school with them on Tuesday, April 18th. This is the first day of Term Two, so students can start to create these books and use them to inspire outstanding holiday writing.