Balloon Rockets in M17

Forces at work
Ava attaching the straw for the string cable

Lachlan, Jye, Noah, Harry and Zachariah measuring the size of their balloon rocket

Charlotte recording the distance her balloon rocket travelled
Lachlan ensuring his largest balloon rocket is a show stopper
M17 working together to investigate their predictions
Careful measuring was important for results accuracy
Olivia, Kiara, Ava and Ella getting ready to launch!


To find out how the volume of air in a balloon effects how far it goes.



I predict that when you let go the air will push the balloon across the string. When you have a bigger balloon you’ll get a bigger distance but with a smaller balloon you’ll get less distance.

Balloon Rockets Results Data

Balloon size Distance balloon travelled
Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3
72cm 195cm 455cm 100cm
90cm 327cm 355cm 700cm
115cm 768cm 768cm 768cm

The 72cm balloon travelled an average distance of 250cm.

The 90cm balloon travelled an average distance of 460cm.

The 115cm balloon travelled an average distance of 768cm, which was the end of the line.


The largest balloon went the furthest of all of them. The smaller balloons went less far.


My prediction was correct. The more air, the further the balloon went. Some balloons didn’t work. The reason it might not have worked could be because water inside the balloon end might have stopped¬†it from opening up and letting the air out. Sometimes the string line wasn’t pulled tight enough.¬†Also, the straw might have been pressed down too tight and stopped the balloon from moving along the string.


Written by Ava Scott