In Numeracy, J09 have been busy learning about ‘Addition’. We used our Proficiency Scale to help us understand all of the strategies we could use to solve addition problems.

We started off by learning our ‘friends of 10′. This helped students understand all the tens facts and they can now tell you easily what 7+3 ¬†and 6+4 is. You could even ask them all the different ways that they could make 10. Have a look at our paper chains that we made to create our tens facts.

We had heaps of fun using our number line to solve addition problems. The students worked out that they could start from the largest number and then count on. This made it quicker for them to find the answer. We used our big floor number line to have a practice and we had lots of frogs teach us how to leap to the next number.

J09 used unfix cubes to help their understanding of addition ‘turn arounds’. Using these hands on materials allowed students to notice that 7+4 is the same as 4+7.

Throughout our addition unit, students were able to successfully learn lots of different strategies to solve addition problems. It was such great fun and we are now getting ready to swap over and learn Subtraction.