Learning in Junior School Luff

Learning Community

In Junior School Luff we have been busy creating and developing a learning community. This means that we are creating a classroom environment in which all students are able to learn to a high standard in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

It’s not just about what is visible in the room by organising the classroom furniture, putting up displays, birthday charts and classroom rules, routines and procedures.

Relationships—Getting to Know You

A learning community is far more than just a look. It’s about building genuine relationships and establishing mutual trust between all the people in the community. It’s a place where we feel comfortable to take on new challenges and make mistakes without fear of being ridiculed or made fun of. It’s where we catch learners when they fall and where no one gets left behind.

We speak nicely to others by saying, “Can I please have that block?”

– Jakob



Thinking of Others

A learning community is a place where we consider others.

Real communities flourish when we bring together the voices, hearts and souls of the people who inhabit them.


Be Brave!

When we come to school, we need to be brave! Real learning is about the unknown and the things that we don’t know yet.

When We Focus on Learning…

We need to be nice to people when we are working with them.

– Riley M.

Me and Riley K. use soft inside voices.

– Justin

We think about what we are doing.

– Kip

We try hard to do our best.

– Zahra

We look after our learning tools and don’t break them.

– John

We give things safely to people hand-to-hand and don’t throw things.

– Zack

We listen to other students and the teacher in our class.

– Amelia