Learning in SS Gunaratna

During April S24 learnt a lot of new facts about Anzac Day and why it is an important for all Australians.

“There were 111 graves of people who served in the war who died at and stayed at Harwood hospital”

– Noah

“ANZAC Day is on the 25 of April”

– Charity

“The last surviving ANZAC, Alec Campbell died on May 16th 2002”

– Josh

“Some people volunteered to go to war”

– Mitchell

“World War 1 is also referred to as The Great War”

– Leah


“Gallipoli is where World War 1 started for Australians on April 25th 1915”

– Dyllan

“Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”

– Myawae

“People made ANZAC biscuits out of oats, sugar, flour, coconut, butter and golden syrup. ANZACS crushed them with water as porridge”

– Hannah

“ANZAC day is to celebrate the soldiers who fought for our country”

– Adriana

“The Anzac soldiers trained in Egypt for 4 months”

– Immogen


“ANZAC day occurs on 25th of April every year”

– Karla

“Simpson and his donkey where like an ambulance”

– Ashlee

“The mothers, sisters and wives made ANZAC biscuits for their brothers, dads and husbands because they didn’t go stale quick”

– Toni

“WW1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918”

– Matthew

“Soldiers in Gallipoli ate ANZAC biscuits”

– Jack


“We celebrate ANZAC day for the people who fought for our lives”

– Chloe

“Simpson and his donkey saved around 300 wounded soldiers. April 25th was officially declared as Anzac day”

– Maddison

“They landed at Anzac Cove on 25th of April 1915”

– Taisha

“Almost 50,000 Anzacs landed at Gallipoli”

– William

“On ANZAC day, men play the last post on the bugle”

– Zoe