Learning in SS Sinacola

This term in Inquiry, the students of S29 have been learning all about solids, liquids and gases. We have been learning about the structure of solids, liquids and gasses, as well as how they change form and how they interact when mixed with other materials.

We have conducted a number of exciting experiments as part of our investigation, from melting solids and investigating their ability to dissolve; to exploring how liquids mix with other liquids; to mixing solids and liquids to create a gas. Perhaps most excitingly, we made cornflour slime, prompting some serious discussion around whether this special substance would be classified as a liquid or a solid based on the way it behaves.



As young scientists, we ensured that we made predictions, recorded our observations and detailed our findings along the way. This involved a lot of discussion about scientific language and prompted lots of labelled diagrams.

We hope you enjoy reading about our investigations as much as we enjoyed conducting them!

I enjoyed mixing liquids because it was cool as messy! I liked mixing vinegar with baking powder because it foamed up! Ebony


I enjoyed the feeling of the slime in my hands as it turned from solid to liquid. Lucas

I learned that when you put water and oil together, they separate and no matter what you do, they don’t mix together. Aria


I’ve liked learning how the experiments worked and the vocabulary we’ve learnt as well. Siobhan

In Inquiry we have been doing science experiments. I really enjoyed making slime. Emma


The slime was a shear thickening fluid. When you put your fingers in it gently, it sinks like the slime is alive! FEELS WEIRD! Manishraj

What I liked about Inquiry was when we blew up a balloon using vinegar and baking soda. It blew up into a big balloon when we put the ingredients in a bottle with the balloon on top. It was a cool experiment and I enjoyed it. Abbie


In science, I like how we melted crayons. Jacob

I enjoyed things exploding like bi-carb soda and vinegar mixed together. Elina


When we were melting crayons I noticed that they were made out of wax, which becomes liquid when it gets hot. Amech