Year 3 Scienceworks Excursion

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Our Inquisitive Experience at Scienceworks

“ALL ABOARD!” yelled Mrs. Godfrey as we stepped onto the bus on Thursday the 23rd of July. The Year 3 students from Pakenham Springs Primary School were on their way to an adventure in learning at Scienceworks.

After a long bus ride we finally arrived at Scienceworks. We quickly ate our scrumptious snacks and trotted off to the toilet. The hand dryers in the toilets were a huge hit. We then made our way to explore our first exhibitions. We split into two groups. Half went down Alice’s wormhole to discover Alice’s Wonderland. The other group went to Think Ahead, a futuristic exhibition of technology.

We then regrouped and got active exploring the Sportsworks exhibition. Inside we raced against Cathy Freeman, but she was too fast for us! We discovered information about our bodies including our height, weight, arm span, hand strength, jumping height, balancing skills, peripheral vision and reflexes. We investigated foods that keep our bodies healthy and tried our skills at handballing a football, shooting a netball and soccer goal keeping. We checked our throwing speed and rock climbed as far as we could.

Before we went into Energy Lab we split in half again and changed exhibitions. Back into Alice’s Wonderland and Think Ahead. Energy Lab was run by a scientist named Tom. We confirmed and strengthened our learning around the Earth, Moon and Sun. This was an interesting and fun session that got us all involved.

The weather was lovely outside so we had our lunch on the lawn. We quickly checked out the giant sundial on our way to the Planetarium. We quietly tiptoed into the Planetarium and found our seats. The room was a circular shape with a ceiling like a dome.

After all the Year 3’s from Pakenham Springs filed into the room an older gentleman explained about the activities we were going to do. First we watched a movie called “Tilt” on the giant dome ceiling while we reclined back in our chairs. Watching this film we learnt about how the seasons happen due to the tilt of the Earth. When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted to the Sun then Australia is in the winter season but when the Southern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun then the season in the land down under is summer. We finished our time in the Planetarium by looking at the night sky. We saw the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the Scorpion, the Teapot and the Southern Cross constellations.

With exhausted bodies and worn out brains we made our way back to the bus for the long journey home. We had a super awesome, adventurous day at Scienceworks which was made possible by our amazing parent helpers and teachers. We also must thank the helpful staff at Scienceworks. We would all love to go again.


Written by The Learning Ladybugs of M16