Year 4 camp.

By: Charlotte Taufa.

Wednesday the 12th of August was the day of year 4 camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. Everyone was ecstatic as they loaded their luggage onto the buses. We all said goodbye to our parents as we boarded one of the buses. Kids were a little nervous about leaving but were mainly positive.

Eventually we reached our first destination, A Maze ‘n Things, where the fun began. Here we enjoyed going on a fast slide which started off vertical, a dimly lit mirror maze, an outdoor maze, a trivia competition, a slanted gravity room and miniature golf. This was a great start to our camp, and we were all excited about what would come next.

Next we headed across the road to the Adventure Resort where we were going to be spending the following three days. We met a staff member named Jazz, who took us over all the rules and their expectations of us while we were at camp.

Quickly, we carried our luggage over to our rooms, which our teachers had just assigned to us. We met back up with the teachers at the barbeque area. They divided us into our activity groups, all including a teacher and a parent helper.

Enthusiastically all the groups set off for their first activity, the activities varied amongst the groups, who all alternated between them. They included the 19 metre high giant swing, which was a thrill for all that went on it. On the giant swing it was compulsory to wear a tight fitting safety harness, a helmet and safety glasses. A lot of people who went on the giant swing screamed, including Mr Barkley.

Other entertaining activities were the 5 metre high and 70 metre long flying fox, archery, canoeing, low ropes, team rescue, photo hunt and camp cooking. In archery there was two targets, one for you and one for your competitor, and the aim was to get a bull’s eye.

Most of the activities involved teamwork and good communication skills, especially the team rescue activity where each group consisting of approximately 15 students, had to make their way through the course without touching the ground. This was made more difficult as the groups had to also carry a dummy on a stretcher through the course.

Low ropes was a similar activity, for we weren’t allowed to touch the ground whilst attempting to manoeuvre our way through obstacles that grew in their complexity toward the end of the course. Each participant had two people standing either side of them, to prevent them falling. It really helped if you worked as a team.

The tastiest activity was camp cooking, where we made pancakes. Each activity group was separated into two teams, to see who could make the most delicious pancakes. This was judged by the teacher, who then of course let us eat them all as well.

The days were filled with lots of exciting activities, and we were all having a ball. In the evenings we all went to the function room. On the first night we saw some confident year 4’s put on some red faces acts, from singing and dancing to gymnastic routines. Followed by this was a pyjama disco, with lots of great music and a disco ball.

On the second night we grabbed our pillows, and sat down for a movie night.

Everyone who went on camp, loved all the activities and spending time with their friends. We will never forget about it. It was one of the best experiences of our lives, and I hope everyone gets to experience it when they are in Grade 4.