A massive congratulations to our students who today participated in the District Swimming carnival against other schools from the Pakenham and Officer area.

Our Springer kids did an amazing job, displaying great sportsmanship, endeavour and overall having an amazing time.

Congratulations to the follow students on their results. Especially Blayne McGrath and Alex Smerdon who both won their A events and qualified themselves for the Division Swimming carnival being held at Noble Park pool on Wednesday 13th March. Woohoo!

Girls 9/10 yrs

Savannah Damon       M26  3rd     Backstroke

Lina Shaw                    M27  3rd     Breaststroke

Alyssa Winbanks        M23  2nd     Freestyle

Indiana Kennedy         M30  3rd     Freestyle


Boys 9/10 yrs

Max Peplow                 M24  2nd     Freestyle

Ethan Collin                 M30  2nd     Freestyle     &     2nd     Backstroke

Lachlan Groves           M30  3rd      Backstroke

Toby Smerdon             M30  4th      Breaststroke


Girls 11 yrs

Blayne McGrath           S39   1st      Breaststroke DIVISION QUALIFICATION,     1st     Backstroke &     3rd     Freestyle

Indiana Groves            S39   2nd     Backstroke     &      3rd     Breaststroke


Boys 11 yrs                

Harley Thorpe              S40   4th     Freestyle     &     4th     Breaststroke


Girls 12/13 yrs           

Jasmine Thorpe          S34   2nd     Breaststroke

Skylah Reeves             S36   2nd     Breaststroke     &     2nd     Freestyle


Boys 12/13 yrs           

Bryce Hobson              S33   1st      Backstroke,     3rd     Breaststroke &     3rd     Freestyle

Harry Peplow               S34   2nd     Freestyle     &     3rd     Breaststroke

Alex Smerdon              S36   1st      Backstroke DIVISION QUALIFICATION


Fantastic results!

– Scott Holmes & Rhys Davies, Physical Education Team