J09's Buddy Visit with M16

J09 would like to thank M16 for inviting us to come into your classroom for our buddy session.
M16 students have been learning about ‘procedures’ and decided to make the game Pick-Up-Sticks. J09 were very excited to see what the Year Three students had made, as we have been learning about ‘Olden Day’ games and have even played the same game.

J09 students were a little bit shy but quickly became very competitive in the games. The student’s were aiming to pick up the black stick as that was worth 25 points. We could hear the excitement every time someone picked up black.┬áThe Year 3’s had to help us with our counting, because there were some very high scores.

We love coming into Ms Godfreys class and can’t wait for our next buddy session.

Thanks for having us!