Year 4

Middle School Professional Learning Team



M25 are a team. We work together, we learn together, we have fun together. We show respect by acknowledging and supporting others and responsibility by being the best learners we can be. We show our resilience by always trying and never giving up.



In M27 we will strive to be kind, caring, sharing and helpful towards each other.

We will be friendly and have fun as a happy class, where we will show RESPECT and RESLIENCE.

We will be RESPONSIBLE and smart with our choices and have a positive mindset.

We will do our best to show the values of PSPS at all times at school, home and in the community.



In M29, we are a team. We work together, learn together and grow together. We are resilient when it comes to new challenges, respect our learning space and are responsible for our own learning. We embrace the learning wobble as our minds continue to grow. We are always striving to ensure that each and every one of us feels safe and secure in our learning environment.




Welcome to marvellous M26! In our class we work together to focus on our learning, making sure that we are actively listening, sharing ideas and showing care, effort and creativity in our responses. We support each other with kind, respectful and helpful words, and by giving others the time and space to think. We have strategies to support our resilience when things are challenging, and we are both positive and mindful as we move through each day. In M26 we celebrate each other’s growth and achievements, knowing that we are all important and valued. We are confident and proud to be a part of our class community and Pakenham Springs Primary School.



In M28 we promise……

to follow the school’s values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE. We will encourage each other to embrace challenges and be supportive and caring to succeed. We will create a peaceful, calm and safe learning environment and have fun.

In M28 we are a team