Specialist Teachers

Health & Physical Education, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Japanese & STEM Programs

Health & Physical Education


In 2018, I am excited to create opportunities for all students to have a positive and fun experience in Physical Education. Within this positive environment we will explore different movement patterns, motor skills and individual sport units. I am excited all students will have opportunities to develop these skills through extra-curricular events such as lightning premiership days, house athletics & cross country carnivals, hoop time tournaments and weekly interschool sport. I aim to motivate and inspire all students not only in learning through the curriculum but also beyond, in developing personal attributes such as social skills, fair play and sportsmanship.


In 2018, I am excited to provide all students with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in Physical Education. Providing extra-curricular activities for all year levels will allow students to further develop their abilities beyond the classroom. In Physical Education we aim to encourage positive participation, using personal attributes such as social skills, sportsmanship, resilience, confidence and persistence. Students will not only be able to use these skills in a sporting environment but also in the wider community.


In 2018, I am very eager and excited to embark on a new part of teaching; Physical Education. This year l will be able to incorporate skills that l have already from the classroom and apply them in another format. I will ensure that all kids can set goals which will be achieved through visible learning and strongly modelled skills. I look forward in working with Scott Holmes and Lucy Hoogenboom, once again learning different aspects of teaching and broadening my skill set as a teacher.

Media Arts


I am excited to be part of starting the new Media Arts Program at Pakenham Springs. I look forward to sharing my love, knowledge and skills in this area with the students at Pakenham Springs and hope they get as excited and inspired as I do when expressing themselves through technology.


I am incredibly excited to be part of our new Media Arts program here at Pakenham Springs and look forward to the amazing projects, performances and stories that the Pakenham Springs students will produce. Stay tuned.

Visual Arts


In Visual Arts, I aim to support students in developing a wide variety of skills and to encourage them to try new things in order to create fantastic artworks. I am looking forward to creating more murals with student artworks that will be displayed in and around our school grounds.


This year, I am teaching with Preps J01, J02, J03 and J04. I am very excited to see their artistic skills and confidence grow and develop. We will be having lots of fun using a range of media to create some fantastic pieces of Art. Please come along to the Junior Art room on open nights to have a look at your child’s art book and art work.


In Junior Visual Arts, I am looking forward to get to know the students and see their skills and confidence develop over the year. They will progress through the stages of planning and designing, creating and reflecting and responding in producing individual and some collaborative group ‘scapes’ using a range of materials.



This year, I hope to build on students’ existing skills and knowledge in Japanese.    I want to take them beyond what they think they can do, and suprise them with new experiences and exciting possibilities.        By celebrating the Japanese culture, students will begin to understand that they are part of a bigger picture.