Specialist Teachers

It is the Mission of the Specialist Team to adopt innovative methods of teaching and help students to explore and promote curiosity in their learning. We encourage and foster creativity by enabling students to express their individuality with purpose and confidence. Through a highly engaging curriculum and collaborative approach we will apply best practice to meet the point of need of all students.

Health & Physical Education



Media Arts

The Media Arts Program aims to give students the skills to be informed consumers and users of digital communication in all its forms. Over their 7 years at Pakenham Springs, students will engage in learning about film, photography, radio, print media, internet and web use, advertising, working as a crew, being in front and behind the camera lens, planning for productions through script writing and story boarding, identifying sources of information and recognising media manipulations and fake news, cyber safety and protocols, copy rights and how First Nations People and other cultures are portrayed in the digital sphere.  Students will be given many opportunities to respond to digital works both created by themselves and others. The Media Arts program encourages and challenges students to express themselves and be confident and informed in sharing their thoughts and opinions through digital technology.



Visual Arts



L.O.T.E. – Japanese

The Japanese Room is a vibrant space where junior students can learn about amazing people, places and things in far-away lands. They will experience the Japanese culture through language, art, music, dance, games, sports and immersive experiences. From bullet trains and Hiragana, to Kusama dot pumpkins and Pocky, the learning opportunities are endlessly intriguing, engaging and fun. The Japanese program challenges students, activates their minds in a variety of ways and supports their Literacy skills and cultural understanding in all areas.



S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

The STEM program aims to provide Year 3 – Year 6 students with lifelong skills that will prepare them for future employment and careers. With the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, students explore concepts that effect the real world from natural disasters, where food and fibre come from, the solar system, to coding and robotics. Students also have the opportunity to learn basic electrical circuits and experiment with basic scientific concepts such as force and heating and cooling. The STEM program aims to be innovative and up to date with current technology while using student interests to guide topics.




Tutor Learning Program