Professional Learning Communities

Our School’s learning focus is underpinned by our four basic beliefs.

  • Everyone has the right to learn.
  • Everyone has the right to be treated in a caring and friendly manner.
  • Everyone has the right to be safe.
  • Everyone has the right to have their belongings and property treated with respect.

At Pakenham Springs we pride ourselves on our warm, co-operative atmosphere; we emphasise hands-on, practical experiences. “Play” and activity are far more obvious in our school than passive listening or regimented movement through inflexible routines; our emphasis is on individual learning.

At Pakenham Springs we provide a stimulating environment which excites curiosity and challenges children to learn. Through the sound educational programs which are offered at Pakenham Springs students learn to sort the relevant from the irrelevant, to shape ideas and test hunches, to make inquiries, to solve problems, to reflect, to make sense of experiences and to communicate thoughts and feelings.

At Pakenham Springs we aim to develop skills which foster life long learning and which suits a student’s individual learning styles. Through their learning we encourage a connection to the “real world” and empower students to take action through the knowledge they gain.

At Pakenham Springs it is expected that all students will learn to a high level.

“At Pakenham Springs Actions Speak Louder Than Words, especially when it comes to student learning”