On Thursday the 6th of August S33 and S34 made wind turbines.

We were given ten minutes to plan and draw a labeled diagram then another fifty minutes to make a wind turbine that worked.

We got a range of objects to use in small groups of three or four such as straws, skewers, paper plates, cups, tape, ribbons, paper and paddle pop sticks.

We did this because it linked in with our learning about energy and the different ways it is produced. We have been learning all the different types of energy and whether they are renewable or unrenewable.  Using wind turbines is a renewable source of energy.

After our fifty minutes we all sat in a big circle to test each groups wind turbine and see if they worked.  We blew on the blades of the turbines to see if they spun with wind. Some wind turbines worked but some did not.  If they didn’t work we had a quick brain storm to suggest what they could change to make it work.