Art Expo 2016

Celebrating our creative talents!


Pakenham Springs welcomed hundreds of visitors to an exciting new event on October 13th, a whole school Art Expo! The school gym was adorned with a breathtaking display of over 2,000 artworks from students across all year levels. Artworks included the use of pastels, paints, pencils, chalk, watercolours, textured clay and collage. Students were inspired to create self-portraits, still life drawings, bronzed clay busts, abstract canvases and comical animal models among other amazing works. Feathers, wool and beads added dimension along with the skilful use of contrast, perspective and a variety of application tools. An enormous floor banner featured rockpools for every grade filled with transparent sea life buttons in each. Visitors were serenaded by students performing current musical numbers. The event was made possible through the dedication and efforts of Art teachers Nadean Griffin, Claire Boersma and Julie Rechsteiner, as well as many supportive parents and staff. The school hopes to make this successful evening an biennial celebration in the school calendar.