Bubble Magic in M17

Do bubbles have to be spheres? We found out!

Bouncing Bubble Cubes



To make bouncing, pop-o-licious, non-spherical bubble cubes and other shapes.



  • 12 straws
  • 12 pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • 100ml of glycerin
  • water
  • tub
  • 50ml dishwashing soap




1. Cut the straws so they are an even length.

2. Check that the pipe cleaners are slightly longer than the straws.

3. Twist 3 pipe cleaners together to make a vertice. Repeat 3 more times.

4. Thread each pipe cleaner through a straw and twist to join until you have a cube shape.

5. Fill the tub with enough water to submerge your cube.

6. Add the soap and glycerin and gently mix.

7. Dip your cube completely into the water and slowly remove.


Now you have a bouncing, pop-o-licious, non-speherical bubble maker!

Try blowing on your bubble with a straw to change the shape.


Written by Olivia Sherry