Cultural Diversity Week 2018

WALT celebrate Japanese culture through artwork.


Oil Pastel & Watercolour Koi

Our Year One students have brightened up the school with their amazing artwork. Koi means “carp” in Japanese and is a culturally significant symbol of strength, courage and success. Koi often feature in traditional artwork and children’s stories, such as Kintaro.

It has been an exciting couple of weeks in LOTE as students spent time learning about Japanese festivals and culture. We had the very special Japanese incursion on March 16th and students have also been creating various artworks to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week 2018.


Oni Masks

Prep students have created “Oni” masks to celebrate the changing of the seasons. In Japan, Setsubun welcomes the Spring season in February but we decided to welcome our Australian Autumn instead. Traditionally children and families keep away the bad luck by throwing roasted soybeans outside the door of their house, to chase out the oni (naughty ogres or spirits). They shout “Oni wa soto!” (oni out!) and “Fuku wa uchi!” (happiness and good fortune in).


Salted Koi

Year Two students made some fabulous Koi art by sprinkling salt over a template and then precisely adding droplets of watercolour to make a striking design. We think they look pretty amazing, don’t you?