Indigenous Art in JS McMahon




We have been learning about aboriginal culture and how stories play a big part in passing down their history and beliefs. We have drawn our own dot pictures to tell a story.

Maysam. My picture is telling about three people using digging sticks to get food.

Abigail. My picture is about a koala who is hunting for food.

Mitchell. My picture is about honey ants and kangaroos.

Harlie. My picture is about four boys hunting kangaroos and emus for food.

Cooper. My picture shows a boomerang being used to hit and animal to kill it for food.

Emeelia. My picture tells about a girl at a windy beach with lots of waves.

Manisha. My picture is about four girls looking honey ants to eat.

Riley. My picture shows dogs leaving trails to the mountains.

Amelia. My story is about four girls and four boys getting water from the water holes.

Ben. My picture is about two boys and two girls sitting by the fire.

Claire. My story is about four boys and two girls who followed a emu’s tracks to hunt them down.

Lucas. My pictures is about four boys at a meeting place. They have spears and shields. They have spotted emu tracks to follow to try and catch an emu.

Bella. My picture is about a boys and a girl hunting down three animals. There is an emu, kangaroo and a wild dog.

Jakob. My picture is about two boys and four girls going for a walk looking at emu tracks.

Elizabeth. My story is little boy who is trying to find apple trees and falls asleep.

Zahra. My picture is about two boys and two girls who found a lizard and try to help it get berries out of its tongue because they are stuck.

Razin. My picture is about three birds and they are thinking. The owl is thinking about the tree homes, the seagull is thinking about what to do with the leaves of the tree and eagle is thinking about what he can do with the cave rock.