Wild Action Zoo incursion


On Wednesday May 27th, Year One had an incursion from Wild Action Zoo. The children got to see all the animals up close as part of our inquiry unit on living things. Students looked at the special and unique features of each animal which help them to survive. As part of our class room study, students will further investigate the needs, habitats and special features of animals and plants in our environment.

Benjamin: I got to hold the water dragon. It was bumpy and he wasn’t too heavy. I liked him because he was going to kiss me. I also liked the red tailed cockatoo. He was very naughty and noisy.


Annabelle: I liked how we got to touch a frog. We had to touch them with the back of our hand because they breathe through their skin and would suck in what we had touched for lunch.


Tyler: The best thing was we got to hold the animals. I liked the crocodile. He was big. His skin felt like bumpy stones.

Logan: I liked seeing all the different animals. We learnt about mammals. Mammals have hair all over and their babies drink milk.


Summer: I liked patting the animals. I learned that the turtle can do a trick by flipping himself over if an animal flips him. He can also hide in his shell for protection and he looks like a rock.


Cadel: I liked the crocodile. He was cool. His skin looked like armour. His skin is hard and protects him.


Ava: They were all Australian animals and I like Australian animals. I liked the koala best because it was super soft and cute. It is also only found in Australia.

Sierrah: We got to see the turtle do a special trick. If an animal turns him on his back to eat him he can quickly turn himself over onto his tummy with is neck.


Skye: I didn’t know small crocodiles could bite you and snap you with their mouth. My favourite animal was the koala. He was really soft and quiet. Not like the black cockatoo. He was naughty.


Shianne: I liked the owl. His feathers felt soft. I saw a turtle he was hard. He had a long neck. I saw a big, big, long snake. He was a good climber.


Jayden: The koala felt hairy. It felt rough. I liked him. He looked cute. I liked all the animals and didn’t think they were scary.


Shevin: I would like a pet owl. He lays eggs. It would live in my blue cage. He would eat mice. I have two mice at home.

Karla: The koala was so soft. It eats leaves from the gum trees. The scariest thing was the crocodile. It had tape around its mouth so it couldn’t bite anyone.


Austin: I learned snakes were squishy. I thought they would be hard. I really liked touching the snake. It was freaky and a bit scary but in a good way.


Ty: I thought the snake was really cool. I touched it and it was cold and squishy. I really liked the Potoroo. I had never seen one before.


Malachi: Malachi held a crocodile.

Chloe: Chloe held the water dragon.

Izaak: Izaak held a Potoroo.

Mrs Priestley: I loved how engaged the students were with every animal that came out. We could have stayed all day looking at the animals. It is a great start to our own investigations with our animal information reports. (Glad the snake didn’t stay out too long…. Just a little too big and way too interested in its surroundings.)