Info-mazing Reports

In Middle School Breadon we have been lifting learning levels this term!

Over the past few weeks M17 have been following the writing process to create some amazing information reports.

First we discussed the differences between narrative writing, persuasive writing and informative writing.

Triple Venn


We did an example report called “All About Snakes” as a class, to be really sure we understood what they looked and sounded like. Then we brainstormed some interesting topic ideas for our own reports and searched for digital and textbook resources on the topics. Once we were sure we had enough resources, we chose 1 topic each and recorded 3 big questions that we really wanted answers to.



Then it was time to research! We had a research recording sheet that helped us to organise our notes into topic paragraphs, and we could also record any other awesome WOW facts we found along the way. After recording all our notes, we started to draft our writing using the Information Report Proficiency Scale to guide us. We shared our writing with each other, to make sure we were all on track.

Once our drafts were complete, we typed them up to practice our publishing skills. At this point, we thought our reports were pretty good but we reflected on our work again, just to see that we had achieved the GREEN level of the Proficiency Scale for sure. We had to prove it to a classmate! Using this feedback, we made some final edits on the computer and then we were finished. We worked so hard on these reports, and Miss Breadon is very proud of us.

We think you’ll agree that they’re fantastic too!!


Teacup pigs are a sort of tiny pig.


Teacup pigs are bred with a few different types of British pig. They are all different types of colours. Teacup pigs have a straight tail, no fur but bristles instead. They shed their bristles every summer and grow them back in winter. Teacup pigs have a flat snout and can have tusks.


Teacup pigs are very intelligent. They can even outsmart a dog! Teacup pigs are very clean animals because they’re not like the usual pig. They like sleeping and going to the toilet in corners of rooms. They grunt, honk, bark and squeal.


Teacup pigs eat vegetables, fruit and rabbit food, because their diet is like a rabbit’s. When Teacup Pigs are piglets they get fed from a bottle with warm milk inside.

Teacup pigs are so cute.


– Charlotte

– Noah


NBA is one of the most popular sports in the USA. In NBA there are lots of talented players. Most of the good players have been playing for years, like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. The most exciting NBA player at the moment is Lebron James.

Lebron James

Lebron James is 30 years old, 6ft8in tall and weighs 250lbs. He is currently playing #23 small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers will be competing against the Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals. Many people think Lebron is the most valuable player on their team, and he is definitely one the highest point scorers of all time. He is well known for his dunks and jump shots.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a former NBA player and is also one of the greatest. He led the Chicago Bulls to victory in 6 NBA

championships. Michael had to face another legend in the finals, LA Lakers player Magic Johnson, but they still defeated them. He has made millions of dollars from sportswear-makers Nike, especially for his line of trainers called Nike Air.

I would like to be an NBA player one day.

Some Shocking Facts: Electricity

Electricity is a highly used form of energy.

Creation and Conduction

Electricity is usually created by power stations. It may be conducted by metal. Some metals or materials are wire and lead. Silver conducts it best, but it is too expensive for general use every day. Electricity also creates light, sound and movement.


Electricity is very highly used as a source of power. To be exact 500,000 volts daily. That’s a lot of volts! Just imagine how many volts are used per year. That is three hundred and sixty-five times five hundred thousand volts. That’s loads and loads of volts!


Some types of electricity can be created with simple experiments. A few types are negative charges, positive charges, electromagnetic, shocks and static. Static electricity can be performed by rubbing a balloon on your head.

I think electricity is an interesting topic and more people should research it.

– Kai