Middle School Jager

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Middle School Jager

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning to Get Along with others by completing team challenges. We worked hard to save Ed from the ocean, as well as completing tangrams, using chopsticks and making towers out of straws. As a class we came up with 7 things we need to do to ensure we get along with each other and to ensure our focus on learning:

  1. Talk nicely to each other
  2. Treat each other with respect
  3. Encourage each other
  4. Listen to everyone’s ideas
  5. Everyone has to participate
  6. Work together
  7. Follow the 4 beliefs

Throughout the year, we as a class will need to use these skills when working in groups, for year level sports, at camp and for our class to run smoothly.


In Numeracy this term, we will be learning about Place Value. Students will work with numbers up to tens of thousands and to two decimal places. They will be learning to read and write numbers up to tens of thousands as well as identify place value and the value of numbers.

Students will also be focusing on learning their times tables through Intervention and Blast Off.

In Literacy, students will learning to write a variety of sentences; ie simple, compound and complex. They will be looking at ways to enhance their writing with adjectives and adverbs.

In Reading, students will learn the difference between fact and opinion, make predictions and learn to identify unknown words.

In Inquiry, we are learning about force and friction.