Learning in MS Delport


In Writing we will be creating real stories, sad stories, happy stories, made up stories, persuasive stories and recipes. Writing isn’t everyone’s favourite subject, but we can be persistent and improve on what we have already learnt. We are looking forward to writing with joins and using pens while doing so.



In Numeracy we will be learning about different strategies that help us add, subtract, divide and multiply. We will also be learning about all of the times tables. In M42 we have played ‘Blast Off” to help us learn to quickly say our times tables.


Pen Licences

To get our pen licence we have to write neatly to get our L-Plates. To get our P-Plates we have to join our writing. In M42 we are happy that we can use pens this year.


Who We Are…

We are M42 and we are the most focused leaners in Year 4. We have hard working girls and boys in our class that like all different types of learning. We are a learning community and we are all a friendly class. We are made up of Lily, Luke, Rory, Kylah, Keilan, Joseph, Abul, Jaxon, Piper, Gage, Jayden, Luke, Charlize, Caleb, Mia, Dakota, Kayla, Sienna, Cheyenne, Chloe, Jack, Amy, Mary, Aqilah and of course Mrs Delport!