100th Day of School for Preps!

On Wednesday, 4th August, the Preps celebrated 100 days of school!
We discussed that this special day marked 100 days of learning and spent the day celebrating our learning and sharing our successes with our families and special friends.

We spent the day…

  • counting 100 items each of us brought to school!
  • making celebratory crafts such as 100 days hats, glasses, ties and more!
  • counting and popping the 100 balloons on our Counting Caterpillar in the Prep corridor!
  • writing about the number 100. E.g. “If I had $100, I would buy…”

We are all SO proud of all the wonderful things we have learnt in 100 days!

Phoenix: “I am proud of learning to count to 20”

Isabel: “I am proud of learning to read harder books!”

Riley “I am proud of learning about shapes.”

Nikki– Rose “I am proud of learning to count backwards!”