Sandpit Landforms in JS Breadon

We are exploring the journey of surface water from rain to reservoir.

Water Works Inquiry Unit

Students investigated the journey of water across different landforms. They explored how surface water travels from higher ground like mountains into streams, rivers and creeks, which then might transport it to a reservoir or dam.

Students built dam walls to contain the water and discussed where it would go next. Some major revelations were the importance of a downhill slope and the amount of water required to create a steady flow. They also pondered new vocabulary like “plateau”.

Check out their amazing surface water models!

Ask J09 students to show you their “Water Story”.

Ashante, Riley & Taylan

Sienna, Saige & Heidi

Blayne, Chelsea & Indiana

Hibah, Malia & Sahithy

James, Riley & Thomas

Carter, Kip & Nicholas