The Scientists in J28 have been investigating whether soft drink can cause damage to your teeth. We have set up an experiment, using Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and water and we will be observing and analysing the effect these liquids have on egg shells and dirty coins. We have been checking on our experiment and recording our observations in our Science Journals. In a week, we will record our final results and discuss what happened. Then we will be able to answer our question – does soft drink damage our teeth?

Some of our predictions were:

“Soft drink will make the eggshell disappear”

“The Coke will cause more damage than the Diet Coke because Coke has 69g of sugar and Diet Coke has 0g”

“Water will make the coin clean”

“Clear liquids (water and Sprite) will cause no damage to egg shells and coins, but the dark liquids will make the solids turn brown”