Learning in SS McKinnon

The First Day

The first day of school was a great experience for the Year 6’s. They were all so excited to see their friends and teachers. We all talked about what everybody was looking forward to this year. Some people said jackets, camp, being in Mr MCKINNON’S class and more. On the first day of school we did creative stuff like ‘bagpacks’ and apples. The apples were about the first day of school and the bagpacks were about learning about each other in the classroom. Everyone really enjoyed it!

– Jessica Dixon

Walking Around the School

One of the main things a grade needs to learn at the start of the year is how to correctly walk around the school and let me say there are a lot of different pointers! One of which is being quiet. Mr.McKinnon made the experience more fun by making ninjas and ballerinas! You might be wondering what ninjas and ballerinas have to do with being quiet; ninjas and ballerinas are both quiet if u think about it and they remind us to do the same as we move to different areas of the school!

Everyone made their own style with different colours and features.

The ninjas and ballerinas make sure that we don’t disturb other classes, set an example for the little ones and show pride in being part of our awesome class!

– Mikayla Sykes

Setting Goals

In S35 we have been setting goals on learning behaviours we want to improve on in 2015. First we had to define positive learning behaviours we use to help us learn. Then we tied these behaviours   to situations or subjects where we will need to use them. Finally we wrote our goals into full complete sentences and presented them on a piece of paper shaped as a pencil.

This semester I have decided that I want to focus on completing tasks on time in Numeracy and not get distracted. Also if I’m having trouble I am going to make sure I ask for help and support by a teacher or from my classmates

– Anna Dowling

Basic Beliefs

In S35, we have started to learn about the 4 basic beliefs to make sure we’re focused on our learning and feeling safe and happy at school. We have identified how we can put these beliefs into action, instead of just saying them. For example, a few of the ways you can be safe are: remembering to return your belongings to where you found them and holding scissors by the blade with two hands when walking with them.

– Maddi Falkingham and Christine Jaroslawski

Settling In

The first thing we did with Mr McKinnon was mini paper bagpacks. At the back of the bagpacks there was a small questionnaire about us! Everyone in the class made a mini bagpack; they were from paper bags and two different coloured sheets of paper! Everyone cut and glued pieces of paper onto the paper bag. It was interesting to find out stuff about each other! We will be continuing to add photos and more information about us. We’ve also made plenty of other cool stuff, including monster bookmarks! This year has already been heaps of fun!

– Evan Ibrahim and Jackson Pooles