Year 3 Scienceworks Excursion

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Our Inquisitive Experience at Scienceworks

“ALL ABOARD!” yelled Mrs. Godfrey as we stepped onto the bus on Thursday the 23rd of July. The Year 3 students from Pakenham Springs Primary School were on their way to an adventure in learning at Scienceworks.

After a long bus ride we finally arrived at Scienceworks. We quickly ate our scrumptious snacks and trotted off to the toilet. The hand dryers in the toilets were a huge hit. We then made our way to explore our first exhibitions. We split into two groups. Half went down Alice’s wormhole to discover Alice’s Wonderland. The other group went to Think Ahead, a futuristic exhibition of technology.

We then regrouped and got active exploring the Sportsworks exhibition. Inside we raced against Cathy Freeman, but she was too fast for us! We discovered information about our bodies including our height, weight, arm span, hand strength, jumping height, balancing skills, peripheral vision and reflexes. We investigated foods that keep our bodies healthy and tried our skills at handballing a football, shooting a netball and soccer goal keeping. We checked our throwing speed and rock climbed as far as we could.

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