Year 4 Camp 2016


On Wednesday August 10th, the Year 4 students, parent helpers and teachers ventured to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort for two nights and three days. The buses were packed up, buddy bear was ready, everyone was rugged up and very excited for what was going to be a fantastic experience.

Wednesday-Day One

After zooming off on the bus, singing ‘the Wheels on the Bus’ and some of us having a little nap, we finally arrived at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort. Our first stop was Amaze ‘n’ Things! WOW! We loved this place! There were so many exciting activities for us to do. We played mini golf, searched for flags in the outdoor maze, used our problem solving skills to crack some puzzles in the puzzle room, made our way through the crazy mirror maze, defied gravity in the gravity room and took the plunge to complete the very scary vertical drop. It truly was AMAZING! After having some lunch and checking into our cabins, we began our activities at our Adventure Resort, had some afternoon tea and got ready for our first evening away from home. After dinner in the evening we had a games night! We played many different games, laughed, had a few sneaky lollies and all in all had a wonderful first day and night on camp.

Thursday-Day Two

After a restful sleep everyone hopped out of bed, into some warm clothes and had a delicious breakfast. After that there was no stopping us! We had a full day of activities ahead! Each activity group over the 3 days completed Archery, the Giant Swing, the Ropes Course and Wall Climb, Canoeing, Team Rescue, Flying Fox, Bush Cooking and a Photo Hunt. After a full day of activities it was fair to say that we were all ready for an early dinner, best dressed teddy competition and a snuggly night in our pyjamas watching the minions movie with buddy bear and all of our teddies. Goodnight J

Friday-Day Three

After a much needed good night’s rest, we all hopped out of bed, packed up all of our camping gear and headed into the dining hall for a yummy breakfast. We had two more activities to complete and then it was time for some lunch and to hop on the bus to say goodbye. Goodbye Phillip Island Adventure Resort! On the way home we made a stop at Nobby’s Beach look out and we even spotted some penguins! The views were amazing. After that, we hopped back on the bus and ventured back to Pakenham Springs Primary School to farewell all of our camp buddies and say hello to our families. What a wonderful experience that we all had and shared together! We will not be forgetting all of those happy memories that we made with our friends, helpers and teachers.

The giant swing was awesome! – Melisa (M36)

I think the activities were cool – Zahri (M36) Camp was amazing

Phillip Island Adventure Camp was thrilling! – Kai (M37)

I think the flying fox was the best – Holly (M37)

Camp was amazing – Ella (M38)

Camp was cool and awesome – Blake (M38)

Camp was exciting – Indigo (M39)

Camp was amazingly fun and the giant swing was my favourite – Jemma (M39)

In canoeing I got really wet but it was extremely fun! – Isis (M40)

Camp was really fun and the pancakes we made were delicious – Jayda (M40)

Happy Camp Snaps!

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August 22, 2016