Year Six Camp

On the 21st – 24th July year 6 students went to Coonawarra Camp Resort. The most popular activity was the giant swing. On the day we got there we all did hut building and made damper. In hut building the kids had to make to huts waterproof and it was tested by a ‘fake rainstorm’; they all enjoyed it. The activities the children participated in were giant swing, flying fox, hut building, rock climbing, horse riding, canoeing, orienteering, high and low ropes courses and archery. As well as the daytime activities, at night we had all sorts of fun activities including a tabloid sports night, trivia night and movie night. The movie we watched was ‘Paranorman’. For an extra activity we had a colourful tyre course that was also enjoyed by most. Heaps of people face planted in the tanbark which was really amusing.

We stayed in cabins with heaps of friends. When we had some spare time between activities, heaps of children played on the tennis courts and basketball courts and there was usually a game of soccer happening on the grassed areas. The weather reports said the weather would be pretty bad but our luck came in and it did not rain. Due to our politeness and great behaviour the staff let us go in the 9D movie truck as an extra treat. Lots of laughs and screams were heard coming from the truck. The trip was very long (3 hours each way). We had lots of fun and every one had a smile on their face the whole time. It was sad when we left because we wanted to stay for even longer.