Year 6 Immigration Museum Excursion

Reflections from Senior School Seeckts

On Thursday 21st May the Year 6’s went on an excursion to the Immigration Museum and Sandridge Bridge as part of our Inquiry unit.


Our main goal over this unit is to explain who migrated to Australia, why they migrated and what their contributions have been to Australia.

Here are some of the student’s reflections on our trip…

I really liked the bridge with all the statues on it. Each statue had meaning about immigration from different countries.

I liked going into the interview room and seeing people sit their interviews.

I realised when you want to move countries you have to take an interview.

I enjoyed going through the ship and seeing what the conditions were like.

I learnt how many questions you had to go through to migrate to Australia.

In the boat the beds weren’t as comfy as they are now.

I like how we got to judge if they could migrate or not in the interview room.

I learnt that things have changed a lot on big ships.

I liked walking through the boat and seeing what it was like.

I liked going into the boat and answering questions from my passport.

I liked the sounds in the boat. Things have changed a lot.

I liked going through the ship and seeing the differences between them.

I liked the interview room because it taught me how people had to get into Australia.

I learnt that the national anthem was written by Scottish people.

I learnt the White Australia Policy has changed.

I learnt how hard it was to live when there was racism.