Olden Days Celebration

Wow, What a day!

The Year One students and teachers put a massive effort into dressing up in their olden day clothes. Everyone looked fantastic!

This term we have been very busy learning about the ‘Olden Days’ in our Inquiry unit. As a celebration, the students participated in a ‘olden day’ dress up. All the teachers re-arranged their tables and chairs to suit the olden day style classrooms. As soon as the students came in, it was boys on one side and girls on the other. The students found this exciting but just a little bit strange.

It wouldn’t be an olden day celebration if there wasn’t any scones to eat. Thanks to all the Year One teachers who made the yummy scones and for the parents who prepared them all with the jam and cream. Most of the students had never heard of scones let alone taste them. Their faces were priceless, some thinking it was like a cake, others thinking it was like bread and others having no idea what to think.

The students participated in charcoal drawing, calligraphy writing and some made an olden day game. Overall the students and teachers had an absolute blast. But what we were looking forward to most of all, was the olden day games with our parents, family and friends. The students were so excited to show their families what we had been learning and enjoyed playing all of the different games.
Thanks to all the wonderful helpers and teachers who made it such a successful day.