Our new Year 6 students have begun the year in an impressive manner – immediately rising to the expectations that we have for our school leaders and approaching the learning environment in a positive and focused way.  They have set goals for themselves and have worked together to create an inspiring and motivating Mission Statement for their class.

One of the highlights for our Year 6 students is our Senior Student Conference, which was held last Friday. Our students experienced 4 different workshops throughout the day and had a BBQ lunch cooked for them by the school staff. Aligned Leisure came and spoke to the students about leadership qualities and working effectively in teams, while our very own Mr Harris led a session on behalf of DELTAR motivation on goal setting and the power of positive thinking and language.  Cardinia Youth Services visited and explained about the services and support on offer for young people in our community.  The highlight for many was our motivational guest speaker Mike Spears, who used basketball and sport to help drive his message of setting goals, determination, positive thinking and never giving up. Mike refereed a staff v students basketball match at lunchtime (teachers were victorious!) and stayed to answer questions afterwards.

It was wonderful to see a number of parents join us for the reflection session of our day –  on such a hot and uncomfortable day, I was extremely impressed at the standard of thoughtful, insightful reflections and commitments for future actions by our students.

~ Renee Cotterell (Assistant Principal)


Some of the reflections from the day included:

“I learnt to not say I ‘might’ do something, but instead say I ‘will’ do something”

Riley M

“The most valuable thing I learnt was that sometimes things may not work out, but you can always try”

Summer L

“I will now start writing things down and stating what I am GOING to do, this will help the power of my dream job come alive”

Hannah W

“I learnt to never quit, because that will just make quitting the next time even easier”

Lizzie S

“I need to learn skills, because you can go so much further in life and achieve anything if you have the skills to do so”

Blayne M

“The most valuable thing I learnt from Mike Spears today was how to make normal words sound positive”

Eve C