Year 2

Junior School Professional Learning Team



In J13 we are respectful learners. We do our best to be a good friend by being kind and helpful. We know it’s important to take  responsibility for our learning by listening, following   instructions and looking after our belongings. We always try our best and show resilience by having a go. And don’t forget to have some fun!



In J41 we will show Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience by using our manners, being kind, and respecting the personal space of others. We will let one another learn and always give our learning a go by trying our best and never giving up even when we find things hard.

In J41 we are a family and will help one another to have fun and be the best we can be!



In J43 we are Super Learners. Our superpowers are Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

The Power of Respects means we listen to each other, we use kind words and keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

The Power of Resilience means we work together as a team, we never give up, we accept decisions that are made, and we understand mistakes are part of learning.

The Power of Responsibility means we take care of our classroom, we take care of our school and understand I am responsible for my learning.



In J14, we care about other people. We show Respect and Responsibility by treating our peers kindly, following the teacher’s instructions, keeping our belongings neatly and being organized with our learning. We are Resilient when things get hard and we try our best to solve the problems. In J14, we all love to learn and grow together while having fun. We work as a team to help each other achieve our goals. We embrace challenges, go through the wobble together, share ideas and work as a team to learn and grow our little minds. In J14, we all are caring, sensible, loving, kind and fun!



In J42, our mission this year is to help one another grow and to achieve our personal goals.