Year 6

Senior School Professional Learning Community


The Year Six team are committed to focussing on their students’ individual needs and abilities based on their interests. We will ensure that they have the tools and strategies to become effective, respectful and confident members of the GLOBAL community.



Through my enthusiasm for lifelong learning, in 2018, I strive to be a role model and mentor to my students. I will educate and motivate all students through comprehensive learning programs and differentiated learning to cater for all abilities within my class. Through an interactive and inclusive learning environment students will further develop both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to become self- regulated learners.



In 2018, as in every year, I aim to promote a culture of inclusiveness, respect and belonging. Each student is treated as an individual and I’m excited about learning more about them every day, while working to make lessons exciting, challenging and inspiring. Ultimately my main goal is to make Year 6 the best year of their schooling lives, which is something I don’t say lightly. But with focus, acceptance, learning from mistakes and a little humour along the way, I believe it’s something we can all achieve.



I am excited to be a part of the Year 6 team in 2018. I will endeavour to create an engaging classroom, where all students will be inspired and motivated to achieve their best. I will strive to create a learning environment, where students feel safe, supported and confident to take risks with their learning. I look forward to building a positive classroom culture that ideally promotes and encourages students to believe in their capabilities and achieve great things!



In 2018, I will create and provide an engaging, supportive and nurturing environment for my students to thrive in. Learning will be tailored to meet the students’ individual abilities and interests through scaffolds and student initiation. In S40, we will build a positive relationship with learning as we develop our growth mindset to develop the necessary skills needed beyond Primary School. Together, learning and understanding will be celebrated and reflected on.