Year 5

Senior School Professional Learning Team



In S35 we are unique and interesting. We are a family and we are respectful, responsible and resilient.
Our mission is to have 100% attendance each day so that we can be engaged in our learning. We also strive to make new friends, include other people, to be kind and show empathy. We are S35!!



In S37, we have a strong bond. Our minds are SET FOR SUCCESS, as we strive get the most out of our learning, by supporting each other to ACHIEVE our goals. Having a GROWTH MINDSET means we choose to take the stairs, not the elevator. We will show RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE at all times. We will stay true to ourselves, as we endeavour to show GRATITUDE, EMPATHY and KINDNESS to our teachers, peers, and the wider COMMUNITY.


ROOM 36 & 40



We are different, we are exquisite, and we like to spread kindness like confetti. We are fair, strong and mindful of our learning. We like to learn new things, but also have fun and play games. We are intelligent, we concentrate and focus on our work. We are amazing with our 3R’s every day, no matter who we are working with.
Our mission is to come to school every day with a smile and a positive mindset. Our mission is to show and role model GEM – Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. Our mission is to challenge ourselves with new learning and new skills every day. Our mission is to step up, take responsibility and support community activities as senior school students.



We are a class of DETERMINED students! We are JOYFUL, SUPPORTIVE and CREATIVE! We like to play SPORTS, we LOVE being CHALLENGED and we work hard TOGETHER as a team! We will try our BEST in everything that we do and show RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE at ALL times. We will stay POSITIVE and FOCUSED on our learning and work hard to achieve our SMART goals. When showing GRATITUDE, EMPATHY and KINDNESS to all, S38 will be the BEST place to be!



It is the mission of S40 to be kind, respectful, responsible, and resilient members of our school community. We will demonstrate this by being role models and showing all that being a kind and caring person is always the right thing to do.
We will show respect while learning by listening to all instructions, staying focussed, calm and mindful of others. We will always try our hardest to achieve our goals both inside and outside of the classroom. We will support each other in striving for our best and work as a team to show that S40 is the best place to be.