A Professional Learning Community

What is a Professional Learning Community?

”A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is educators committed to working collaboratively in an ongoing processes of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve. PLC’s operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.”

adapted from Learning by Doing.

Visible Learning:

”…..effective teaching occurs when the teacher decides on the learning intentions and success criteria, makes them transparent to the students, demonstrates them by modelling, evaluates if they understand what they have learnt by checking for understanding, and retelling them what they have learnt by tying it all together with closure. These effective teaching strategies involve much co-operative preplanning and discussion between teacher, optimising peer learning and require explicit learning intentions and success criteria.”

page 236 Visible Learning, John Hattie

The Six Essential Characteristics of a P.L.C. are:

  1. Shared Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.
  2. Collaborative Teams focused on learning.
  3. Collective Inquiry.
  4. Action Orientation and experimentation.
  5. Commitment to continuous improvement.
  6. Results Orientation.