Japanese Sports Festival 2020

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This year, a fabulous new event was added to the LOTE calendar… Undoukai!

This Sports Festival is a long-time tradition in Japan, celebrated by children and families across the country during Spring or Autumn. People gather to participate in a series of silly and skilled events, supporting the red or the white team by wearing their colours and shouting “aka” or “shiro”.

Over two days, our whole school from Prep to Year 6 joined in the fun, coming out for one hour each to compete in a range of events. We started with some “radio exercise” and then moved on to events like these:


Big Ball Relay


Octopus Ball Relay


Big Pants Relay



Chicken & Egg Race


Beanbag Toss


Tug of War & Pole Pull


Rice Cracker Race


Some lucky teachers even got to compete in the Caterpillar Race:


Orchestral music filled the air and, whilst there were a few spills here and there, the days were mostly filled with laughter, raucous cheering and light-hearted enjoyment. It was a wonderful opportunity to try something different and to put the troubles of recent weeks aside.

We couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of our Year 6 House Leaders, who demonstrated the events and supported other students throughout the entire festival.



Thank you to the students, teachers and families who really got into the spirit of the event and made it one to remember. We hope to invite The Immersion Room teachers, Jennifer and Lotus, back again another year to do it all over again.



Breadon Sensei.





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April 29, 2020